Cryptocurrency Exchange

Buy and/or sell Bitcoin and Ethereum instantly

Why is Crypto Change so great?

We have been working with blockchain technology since 2013 and because we believe in its power, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies through our exchange services.


Whether you want to buy or sell crypto, the process consists of 3 small steps.


After you upload the required documents, we will review them within 2-4 hours


We care about security and that's why all our stored data are fully encrypted

Cryptochange on mobile devices

You can exchange not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and more


Verified users benefit from instant transfer on cryptocurrency purchases


Our professional team stands by to help anyone with anything and anytime

Our Crypto ATM

Using our modern Crypto ATM you can buy and/or sell cryptocurrency using cash. Our Crypto ATM, also provides NFC Cards for those who don't have a public address yet.

Buy Crypto

Insert EURO or RON and receive cryptos

Sell Crypto

Transfer crypto and take your cash money

NFC Card

Use it as a public address or loyalty card

Cryptochange ATM

Bulevardul Decebal 69, Oradea 410065, Romania

How does it work ?


Create a new account, become verified and you'll be ready to exchange


Insert how much you would like to buy or sell and the equivalent will be displayed


That's all. You'll get your cryptos into your wallet in about few minutes

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